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Film Industry

Anizco Furniture has been serving the film industry for many years. We're a favorite to set decorators for low and high budget movies, television, theater, and the likes.
Coming soon our catalogue of complete hotel guestroom sets available for rental.  Here's a sneak peak
Also look out for our "Film Rental Only" icon for items available for rent only, like wingback chairs.
Simply browse our website for samples and add them to your wishlist, to print or email to us.  Or Give us a call with your items, or leave us a message below, and we'll get everything ready for you!
We carry large quantities at all times, including an endless supply of dropsheets, and offer affordable pricing on both rentals and purchases.
Places our items have been featured:
Arrow, Million Little Things, Riverdale, Charmed, Dead Pool, Hot Tub Time Machine, Man in the High Castle, Snowpiercer, 21 Jump Street, Supernatural, Continuum, The Good Doctor,


We are committed to supporting the film industry!